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A Simple Solution, for A Complex Problem!

A lady bought some bathing soaps from a shop. When she opened one of the packets, she found that it was empty. There was no soap in there; it was just an empty wrapper! She lodged a complaint against the manufacturer and got her claim. That being settled, there was a task before the management […]

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Ultimate Interview

      OFFICER—– ——— –WHAT IS YOUR NAME ?       CANDIDATE— ——— —–M P. SIR       OFFICER—– ——— –TELL ME PROPERLY       CANDIDATE— ——— —MOHAN PAL SIR       OFFICER—– ——— YOUR FATHER’S NAME ?       CANDIDATE— ——— —-M P. SIR       OFFICER—– […]

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Secret Chat During Office Hours

An employee working in the office was chatting with a female online. (Background both are s/w engineers by the way and both work for real big MNC’s) Employee : Hey…Good Morning.. How are you doing today? Female: Very good morning….I am doing great and having got you on chat its getting better. Employee : wow…I feel […]

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fuck that yao ming

4 Hilarious Jokes – Dose of Laughter !

#1 Boss says to his young new Secretary: Excellent, you did only two mistakes ! Now write the second word… #2 Husband asks wife: Why did you start making steaks different sizes ? Wife: Honey, didn’t you ask for some diversity in our daily diet ?! #3 In the midst of recession, everywhere are layoffs […]

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4 Funny Funny Jokes – Dose of Laughter

Son: Dad, l got selected for the role of ‘Husband’ in a play ! Dad: Idiot ! Ask your teacher for a role which has dialogues. ——————————————– Engineer Jokes Teacher: What is the difference between mechanical Engineers and civil engineers ? Student: Mechanical Engineers build weapons. Civil Engineers build targets Three Engineers were riding in […]

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Clever Employee And The Smart Boss

An Employee writes a letter to his Boss to increase his salary! Dear Bo$$, A$ we all have been reading in the new$paper$, the U$ economy ha$ come out of the rece$$ion In thi$ life, there are many thing$ that we need mo$t de$perately. I think you $hould be under$tanding of the need$ of u$ […]

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The Art of Appraisal – Nice Conversation

Big Boss: This year your performance was good, excellent and outstanding. So, your rating is “average”. UMA: What? How come ‘average’? Big Boss: Because…err…uhh…you lack domain knowledge. UMA: But last year you said I am a domain expert and you put me in this project as a domain consultant. Big Boss: Oh is it? Well, […]

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Interview in an Indian Company

“When did India get independence?” He was asked. “The efforts began a few years earlier and final result was in 1947” He replied. “Who was responsible for our independence?” “There were so many. Whom to mention? If I name one, it will be an injustice to another. ” He replied. “Is corruption the number one enemy […]

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