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A Real Life Story With Moral

Trust in what is ‘written’ Recently, I planned to take my family on a weekend trip to a nearby kids activities farm. The plan was to leave at 9:00am when the builder arrives to do carry out some repair work at our house. It was a cold and frosty morning and when he did not […]

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Change of Heart – A True Ramadan Story From Makkah !

This is a true story that happened in Makkah narrated by noble Shaykh Muhammad al-Arefe. In this Month of mercy and barakah, it is not abnormal for people’s hearts to be open to good. The Shaykh says: A couple of years ago, on one of the nights in the month of Ramadhan I was scheduled to […]

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True Ramadan Story – 2

My True Ramadan Story Its an incident that happened 12 yrs ago. We were going through a hard time. My Father was not having job for last 1 yr and we the family of seven had to survive without an income. Those days we use to fast also other than in Ramadan too but when […]

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Heal Your Sick Through Benevolence – True Story From Saudi Arabia !!

This story is from the annals of the surreal. It’s credibility depends on exceptional trust and a strong belief in The Prohetic message. This is the story by a brother from Harimla’, a suburb of the capital city of Riad. Where a certain woman was inflicted with leukemia, may Allah protect you and us from it. In […]

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