Heal Your Sick Through Benevolence – True Story From Saudi Arabia !!

_70230016_compassionate-hands_thinkstThis story is from the annals of the surreal. It’s credibility depends on exceptional trust and a strong belief in The Prohetic message.

This is the story by a brother from Harimla’, a suburb of the capital city of Riad.

Where a certain woman was inflicted with leukemia, may Allah protect you and us from it. In her need for care, she hired a maid from Indonesia. The sick lady was polite and pious. A week after having had the maid, The lady noticed that the maid spent too much time in the bathroom. More than normal and very frequent.

Just after one of these occurrences, the lady asked her helper for the reason of the lengthy bathroom visits, The maid cried profusely.

When she was asked what made her cry, she said : I gave birth twenty days ago. When the employment agency in Indonesia contacted me, I took advantage of the opportunity to work for you, for we were in dire need of funds. The reason I spend so much time in the bathroom is, my breasts fill up with milk, so I go to the sink to empty them. As soon as the lady knew the reason, she booked the earliest flight for her to return home.

She put together exactly a two year salary, summoned her and said :This advance is for your two years salary. Go home to your baby, breastfeed and take great care of it, After two years, return to us. She gave her the contact information in case she wished to return after two years.

After the maid returned home, the lady had an appointment with her doctor for an update on her condition, After the routine blood test, to their surprise, she showed no signs of leukemia. The doctor made her do the same test several times, the result was always the same. The doctor was stupefied with her recovery due to the severity of her infliction. He ordered X-rays which confirmed the disease’s complete remission.

When the doctor was certain of her recovery, he asked her what healing method she used,

To which she answered: The Prohet (PABUH) said:”heal your sick through benevolence. “

I wish that the reader of this story becomes inspired to ease hardships from those in need. Who knows…it could ward off an unexpected calamity. Give, as the shroud has no pockets.

2 Responses to Heal Your Sick Through Benevolence – True Story From Saudi Arabia !!

  1. s.Bishri November 21, 2015 at 3:12 AM #

    The Prophet NOT The prohet

  2. Yunus November 20, 2015 at 2:44 PM #

    May Allah make us benevolent and reward this servant of Allah for this kindness