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Boy & Girl – Very Emotional Story

Once there was a blind boy. He was engaged to a lovely girl. One day girl asked him  ” When will you marry me?” He said “I will marry you, only when I shall be able to see you.” After some days someone donated him eyes. He was very happy to see his love. But when […]

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Drinking is Injurious to Wealth

Three men were drunk and they stopped a taxi. The taxi driver figured that they were not in their minds…so, he just switched on the engine and switched it off and told them : “we have arrived” The first man gave him money. The second one thanked him. But the third one….he slapped the taxi driver. The taxi […]

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Pharmacist & Lady – Short Jokes

Lady & Pharmacist Lady says to pharmacist: “Why does my prescription medication have 30 side effects?” Pharmacist replies: “Cause that’s all we’ve documented so far.” ———————————————————- Psychiatric Patients In a psychiatrist’s waiting room two patients are having a conversation. One says to the other, “Why are you here?” The second answers, “I’m King, so the […]

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