Husband And Wife Love – Interesting Story !!

47.6Raj and Seema were an old couple. They were sitting on a bench near a river.
Seema asked “It’s been 40 years of our marriage. Many of our friends broke up but we didn’t. Why is that Raj? Is our love so strong?”

“There is a little secret which I have hidden from you all these years.” replied Raj.

“And what’s that my husband?” asked Seema curiously.

“I found your old diary in your room while sorting the closet. In the pages, you had mentioned what you wanted from your future life partner. I took the diary and made a commitment to complete all your wishes in due course of time.” Raj continued,

“For example, On the 25th page of the diary you had written,

Dear Future husband,

I haven’t explored the world so much. I haven’t been to many parties. Please allow me to experience these pleasures. – Lots of love, Your wife.”

“You took it! That’s not fair. It was my secret. I was always searching for that diary. How could you do this Raj? I don’t love you.. Huh!!” replied Seema.

“You complete my wishes and me without any diary, I’m not as great as you, so I used your diary to do that. By the way, is it true you don’t love me now? Really?” asked Raj in a soft voice and smile on his face.

Seema was lost in Raj’s enticing words; she hugged him and replied, “Thanks a lot for everything you did to complete me and my wishes. I had never thought they would all be completed, but you did it my man. Love you very much…”

Love is always about completing each other..


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