It Happened in Ramadan – True Story From Turkey !

ramadan-ramazan-eftar-235762-lThis happened to me when I was studying at the University in Ankara. I was staying with my eight friends in a flat. We used to be very close. So we were doing housework and everything together.

At the end of every month we had had little money to spend for eating. Therefore we had had little food.

It was a special day in İslam so we all were fasting. We were invited for dinner by friends who were students like us had been staying in another flat.

We had wanted to cook dessert for them as a present. We had to wait for at least half an hour to cook it. My friend, named Hatice and I decided to wait for it. The other friends went out on time.

When we were ready to leave home the doorbell rang. The two friends who were our classmates had came to stay over night with us. We couldn’t say “we would go out” because they were absolutely exhausted. We had to stay at home with them.

Then my friend Hatice and I went to the kitchen and looked at each other, asking “what can we do now?“ because we didn’t have anything to cook except onion, tea, bread etc.

During the same time the doorbell rang again. When I opened the door, I saw a man, called Süleyman Amca who was our neighbor, had been standing at the door with a big part of meat.

He said “I sacrificed a sheep and want to give you half of it” smiling at me.

It was really a surprise for us. I couldn’t say to him anything for a while I just called my friend. Thereafter we said “thanksss…thanksss… Süleyman Amca”.

Afterwards, we fried a part of it with onion. It was quite delicious.

So that’s the my true story.

I really realized that God always helps everybody who do good.

Thanks goodness.

This story was submitted by our Reader Aynur Eryiğit Bader.

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