Important Note + “Name the Weekly Riddle Post” Competition Winners Announced!

Dear FFJ Readers,

Firstly, An Important note about COINS: 
We are really sorry, 100’s of people tried to register to earn coins, but due so some technical error, many were not able to register, we apologise for that, error has been fixed, we request you to please register if you didn’t, and gain coins, go to https://funnyfunnyjokes.org/welcomecoins/(Remember the coupon F100 to earn extra 101 coins)
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Secondly, Some of you participated in the “Name the Weekly Riddle Post” Competition.

There were many great ideas and it was tough deciding! Eventually we tied three winners and merged their titles in our post.

The usual title of the post will be Nafisat  Afolake Adedokun Shittu’s winning suggestion.

Congratulations Nafisat!

Sunitha Desai’s winning title will be the catchy introduction of ALL riddle posts.

Congratulations Sunitha!

Shaheera  Mansoor’s winning idea for posting escape riddles and her specific title for them will be used when we will be posting escape riddles. Infact, we will start with them!

Congratulations Shaheera!

Thank You all FFJ readers for you support, contribution, and ideas! We appreciate it!

The weekly riddle post is coming soon so you can see what the winning words were. 🙂


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