How to get Coins

Now you can Earn COINs for every action on FunnyFunnyjokes.org, With coins you can buy stuff, advertise, vote stuff and do many things,

How to get coins

  • Registration 100 Coins Register (If not already registered)coins-icon
  • Daily Login and visiting website 10 Coins
  • Comments
    • For each Comment you get 15 Coins (Max 4 comments in a day)
    • For Spam/Waste comments we deduct -20 coins (Minus)
  • Writing Posts, Articles, Jokes
    • For Contributing articles, Post, Joke you get 200 to 500 coins (Only if the article is published on website) Submit Article (Need to login) (For submitting Usless articles you lose 100 coins)
    • For True stories you get 600 coins
    • You also get points for each person who views your contributed article or post
  • Answer riddles and get points
  • Soon we will add points for inviting friends, quiz, competitions etc


What you can do with coins

  • Buy stuffs on website (See Shop)
  • Highest earner each month will be rewarded with Gifts and prizes, become moderators, admin
  • Badges and Recognition
  • Convert Coins to cash