Do You Like Hoarding Your Wealth ?

moneyThere once lived a very stingy man who had buried all his money in his backyard beside a big pine tree. Every fortnight he would go there, dig it up and look at it for hours, and then bury the money back.  One day a thief dug up the money and stole it all away. When the next time the man went to see his money, he found nothing, but an empty hole.

The man began to weep over his misfortune. One of his neighbours heard his cries and went running to see what had happened. When the neighbour found out the matter, he asked the stingy man, “Did you ever use the money?”

“No, I only used to look at it every fortnight”, said the stingy man.

“Well in that case,” said the neighbour, “for all the good that the money did to you, you can now continue coming every fortnight and look at this empty hole”

Moral of the Story:

    1. It is better to share the wealth that God has given us with the family and the needy than to keep it hidden away where it benefits no one. Having too much money doesn’t mean one is happy in fact he lives in the constant fear of losing it one day.
    2. The MONEY in the story can be compared to your God-given ABILITIES and TALENTS. USE YOUR ABILITIES DON’T JUST HOARD THEM. If you don’t make use of them at the right time when you are young and energetic, you will regret it when you become old. Work now to make your old-age happy and contented !

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3 Responses to Do You Like Hoarding Your Wealth ?

  1. Stephen February 2, 2014 at 12:34 PM #

    Money is the root cause of all evil. I wonder politicians etc… keep on amassing wealth and still go for more and even if amount is sanctioned for the floods etc…, they snatch from that also. What is the ultimate, it is like 10 people staying in one small room happily and 2 people cannot live happily in a big bunglow.

  2. j shehabi January 20, 2014 at 10:49 AM #

    Prudent people would not behave like this, especially if they believe in higher values of life.
    On the other hand, we should not expect all people to always behave rationally.
    Behavior is determined by many different factors, including individual’s background, culture, environment, childhood events and the persons associated with during adulthood.

  3. sharif123 January 18, 2014 at 2:13 PM #

    The thief has saved some precious time of the stingy man. He does not need to dig the soil again to see the hidden treasure. But the stingy man will not offer any thanks to the thief because he is stingy. The stingy people live like this.