One Nice Word – True Story From India !

Story-8I was really tensed since the train was late by 15 minutes that day. My institution head was very strict that I was working in an MBA college where we (the lecturers) were the role models to the students being on time and on discipline. I used to walk to the college from the railway station. But on that day I took an auto which costs Rs.12. I thought of the amount that I was having in my pocket: I did not have exact change – it was either a hundred rupee note or a ten rupee note. I was sure that I would really be showered with scolding by the auto driver than my Principal. While travelling we discussed many issues like increase in petrol rate, government policies etc. He was talkative and seemed a nice guy. When we reached the college, I gave 100 rupee note confidently since we became good friends.

“It is only 12 rupees, give me change” he told very politely. Next I took 10 Rupees from pocket.

“No, no. It is 12 rupees, I told you, no?!” He got little irritated.

“I am having only these notes. Actually I never thought of taking an auto. Today my train arrived late”, I replied.
Then he showed his true colors and he started shouting.

“I don’t want to hear your stupid explanations.” He said “People like you will come right from the morning! Don’t you know the fare is 12 rupees? We are not doing any charity here. I just told you the real issues of the petrol hike”

He really forgot to take a breath also. Finally he took 10 rupees and was about to start the auto by scolding me.

“Sir, don’t feel bad. I will give when we meet next time” I responded. At that moment he looked at me with a surprising smile and kept the starting lever down and said:

“Please don’t think that I am arrogant. It is only because of my tension I behaved like this. No matter about those 2 rupees.”

With a smile and joy he left after saying “Bye, see you again”. I was really surprised about the change in him. Finally I realized that was because of the word “SIR” that I had used. Maybe it was the first time somebody addressed him like that in his life.

What I learned is a single word can change a lot. Thanks for the English people and also the Tamil persons who usually address everyone without any discrimination.

Moral of the Story
Soft words of love and respect can melt even the hardest hearts. No matter how harsh and rude a person is, always address them with respect with words like Brother/Sir. This will make them realize how wrong they were to have been so rude and they will respond back in the same manner. This way you can sort out your issues easily.

Soft Words win hard hearts. Rudeness is weak person’s imitation of Strength

Action Item
Always use soft words to deal with people who are rude to you be it child, parent, spouse, friend, neighbour etc. That is the best way to disarm a rude/angry person.

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3 Responses to One Nice Word – True Story From India !

  1. Samih Shahin July 28, 2017 at 5:22 PM #

    some times even 10 nice words have no effect, depends on the mode, culture and conventions

  2. Ode July 24, 2017 at 1:54 PM #

    Two words that can quench every fire are, i’m sorry and thank you. Never fail to use them when needed.

  3. kvkarunakaran June 7, 2015 at 1:32 PM #