How Addicted to Facebook Are You ? True Lines !

10 Funny Jokes and Quotes which will make you realize

how addicted people are to Facebook

Status: If I’m not on Facebook for more than 2 days…
…Call the Police !

Facebook is like a fridge. You know there is nothing new inside,
but you check it out every ten minutes

I want to make my name on Facebook “NOBODY” so when I see
someone post something stupid I can like it, and it will say
“Nobody Likes This”

Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at a cool table in
a cafeteria at a Mental Hospital

Facebook is like a jail. You sit around, waste time,
have a profile picture, write on walls and get poked by
guys you don’t really know.

Behind every successful status update on Facebook is

Do you want to make money from Facebook ?
It’s easy…
Just go to your account settings,
Deactivate your account, and GO TO WORK !

So grateful for Facebook
Otherwise I would have to phone 523 people
every morning to let them know what I had for breakfast

New Wedding Style
Priest: Do you agree to change your Facebook status from
Single to Married ?
Bridegroom: Yes !
Bride: Yes !
Priest: Congratulations ! Your profile has been updated
successfully. You are now Husband and Wife. You may now
upload your wedding pictures and don’t forget to “Tag me!”

Sir, your account has been hacked….
Facebook ???
No Sir, your Bank Account
Oh Thank God !!!

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