Hasan and Husan

Hasan and husan were twins.Hasan was very clever meanwhile Husan was not.

One day it was time for them to have an examination.

First came Hasan………

Teacher: Good morning .

Hasan: Good morning Teacher.

Teacher: What is your name?

Hasan:Hasan teacher.

Teacher: I will ask you oral questions and you will answer. Understood?

Hasan: Yes

Teacher: According to you who is the worlds best football player?

Hasan: Lionel Messi.

Teacher: How many percent of a diamond is carbon?

Hasan 100 %

Teacher: Which animal has the biggest nosehole according to its size?

Hasan: A pig.

Teacher:Congratulation you got a 100%.


Hasan when gone outside went to his brother and said……

Hasan:Husan I know the answers for the exam.

Husan:Ok tell me.

Hasan:question 1:Lionel Messi


3.  A pig

Hasan went inside worried he closed his eyes and started the oral exam………………..



Teacher: Good morning.

Husan: I am ready teacher.

Teacher: (Nervous about exam i suppose) she tought

Teacher: What is your name?

Husan: Lionel Messi.

Teacher: Are you crazy!!!!!!!!!!?

Husan: 100%

Teacher: Who do you think I am to joke with!!!!!!?

Husan: A pig.

What is the moral of this story readers please write it in the comments

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