Keep Trying To Reach Higher – Inspirational Story !!

beautiful_world___wallpaper_by_inmymind81” Once upon a time a climbing plant grew up in a pile of garbage outside a house.Just a feet away,someone once planted a tree and covered it with a iron cage to secure it from animals, Though the tree is dead for a long time but the cage is still there,rusted and dusty.
The plants tendrils took support of the cage and started growing but after some days there were no support to go further as the cage was short.
few feet above there were overhang of the house and she wished if she can reach there but it was impossible without support.
She kept growing up, Centimeter by centimeter, Inch after inch but that space was bigger than her capabilities.
She held her head high and kept stretching just like a kid trying to reach for a can of sugar placed high in a kitchen but even after standing on his toes,he couldn’t make it.
But when she was just few days away to reach the overhang,her top part started to become heavy and bent down towards the earth due to lack of support.
Just like all of us humans she couldn’t control growing and fell in great depression because all her efforts gone in vain.
So,though intentionally but her tendrils kept growing and hanging in air.
She was at the lowest point in her life, She kept thinking that how bad her life has been and still is, How can god do this to me.I was born in a pile of garbage,without anyone to water me and take care of me.
It is really funny that In the sad times person always remembers the bad memories of his past.

After few days, On a very cloudy day, a strong gust of wind came making everything fly in air and fortunately,the hanging part of the climbing plant flew in air and bumped on the overhang of the house. Tendrils did their work and got hold of the overhang and didn’t loose their grip throughout the gust.
When gust was over,she realized what happened and rejoiced with the following rain.

Morals-Well there are plenty but few are-
1.Sometimes the space between you and your goal is everything, It shapes you, defines you.
2.No matter how dusty,rusted,old or useless something is, It still can do wonders.
3.In the lowest time of your life, Nature is preparing a miracle for you.
4.Keep growing your tendrils, No matter what,then only you can turn storms into your favor.
5.It doesn’t matter where you started,Keep trying to reach higher.

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  1. Nihas June 10, 2017 at 3:13 PM #

    Great inspirational story. A mood raiser. Thanks.