Want To Achieve Great Things In Life ? – Inspirational Story !!

bird-on-a-branch-kathi-issermanLong time ago,a king received 2 beautiful baby eagles in form of a present .
The king was very pleased with the gift and decided to hire an experienced caretaker for them.
He took great care of them and developed such a strong bond with those two that they didn’t need to be caged.

After few months the king decided to pay them a visit. He noticed that the 2 Babies had now developed into strong adolscents. The king wished to see them flying and ordered the caretaker to signal them to fly into the sky.
On receiving his signal,both eagles began to fly.One of them flew high into the sky and touched new heights,
While other one flew for some seconds and returned to the branch where it was earlier sitting.
King found this little weird and asked the caretaker that why are these 2 so contrasting . The caretaker told the king that this one had a problem from the beginning and he would never leave the branch.

The king desperately wanted the second bird to fly high as the first one. So he announced this as a challenge in his court and stated that the person who will be successful in making the eagle fly would recieve a heavy prize from the king.
So,many scholars came and tried to apply the knowledge they had,But no one was successful. The king too lost hope and almost gave up
But after few days the caretaker informed the king that one man was successful in making the eagle fly high in the sky. He was then brought before the king where the king was eagerly waiting with the promised prize. The king learnt that the man was a simple farmer. He just asked him his method he used which lot of highly qualified people didn’t think about .
He said, ” I simply cut the branch. The branch on which he had an habit of sitting . As there was no branch , he had no option but to fly. And which he did very well.”

Friends , we all are meant to fly high in our life. But sometimes we underestimate ourselfs and dont realize our true potential. We are habituated to doing certain things which will always limit us. Just as the eagle didn’t realize that it could actually fly so high as it always liked to remain on the branch. After the farmer had cut it,it had no option but to come out of its comfort zone and start working. Only then he realized its true potential.
Even we need to come out of our comfort zones as great things in life are only achieved out of the comfort zone in which we keep living and hoping for life to get better

4 Responses to Want To Achieve Great Things In Life ? – Inspirational Story !!

  1. Mohammed Ziyauddin February 28, 2017 at 7:42 PM #

    Masha Allah very nice story, I found many hidden messages from the story, good inspiration. thanks for boosting.
    All the three comments are also awesome, by Mr Akram Hamdan, Niaz Ali Adil, and Mr Sharif.

  2. Akram Hamdan September 8, 2016 at 4:49 PM #

    it is a great story

  3. Niaz Ali Adil August 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM #

    Nahi Tera Nasheman Qasar-e-Sultani Kay Gumbad Par;
    Tu Shaheen Hai Basaira Kar Paharon ki Chaton Par
    (Allama M. Iqbal)

  4. sharif123 August 13, 2016 at 1:10 PM #