The Najam App – Saudi Arabia!!

No longer do people have to wait long hours and be confused after an accident. Thanks to the new Najm App users
will have a convenient way of reporting any and all accidents and can also get the updates which are needed, such as the estimated

As incredible as it feels in the hands, I'm eager to get a case for it.

 time of arrival for the inspection team of the accident, and can also see the location on the map. In order to further improve upon the response time of the investigation teams, the App has developed a new system in
which it automatically reports the accident to the inspection team that is closest to the accident site.

The new Najm App has aimed to reduce the traffic jams which are caused by minor traffic accidents which block the roads. The main purpose of creating the Najm App was to allow all parties involved in the accident to take detailed and comprehensive photographs of the site of the accident and record all the damage incurred by the vehicles, after which the cars can be moved to a safer and more convenient location for everybody else. In this piece, we will go over the complete features and the added advantages of having the Najm App installed on your smart phones or other devices.

The 8 Advantages are:

  1. It is one of the most efficient ways in which you can report a traffic accident. Never before has reporting an accident been so easy. The entire process starting from the submission of the form right up to the moment the insurance company receives the form, everything can be tracked down through this new app.
  2. You can take high quality detailed photographs of the actual accident, before the car or cars are moved to the side of the road or to any other safer location.
  3. Najm App users can activate and inquire about their insurance just through this app, and also can make sure that their respective insurance companies have indeed received the report of the accident.
  4. The Najm App features answers to several frequently asked questions or FAQs, and can also send in any complaints or inquiries that one might have, straight to the customer service center.
  5. Users have the ability to track down all their previous accidents which have been reported to the insurance company and can also view all of the loaded photos of previous accidents.
  6. When you have taken the photographs of the actual accident, you can upload it on to the Najm servers in order to continue the process of the form.
  7. Users can make use of the app in order to track down the location of the nearest Najm office and also acquire the contact information for all the offices.
  8. The App also guides you in remembering all the proper steps that need to be taken after an accident. If incase you forget, the App will list them down, so that you can easily remember.



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