You Are Responsible For Yourself Not Anyone Else – Inspirational Story !!

You Won’t Believe Until You Watch It – Shocking Video!!This is a story of a multinational company. One day, the employees of the company received an envelope on their on table. There was a letter in that envelope. In that letter it was written that ” The person because of whom you were not getting promotion and you were not able to achieve what you desire, is dead”. After reading this the employees were somewhere happy inside. They thought that now they will get promotions and achieve what they want.
Further in that letter it was written ” Please attend the death ceremony of this person”. The venue was also mentioned.
The employees decided to attend the death ceremony. As they reached the venue, they saw that there was a huge crowd in the ceremony. They were not getting what is going on.
When they moved further they saw that there was a coffin surrounded by the crowd. They decided to go near that coffin and see the face of that person.

When they went near the coffin and tried to look the face of that person, they were flabbergasted and stunned.They were so ashamed of themselves that they were not being able to face each other after that.

Inside that coffin there was nothing but a MIRROR, and when they tried to look inside the coffin they saw their own faces.
This means that only they were the ones who were responsible for them not getting promotions or achieve what they desire.
MORAL : What you were, what you are and what you will be in your life, its you and only you who is responsible not anyone else.


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