A True Love Story !

story-17She was a 20-year-old beautiful student. On her way to her school, she had to cross the road at a traffic light. She walked between two waiting cars. A rushing bus crashed the last car causing the girl to be crushed between the two cars.

She suffered from a complicated fracture in her right lower limb bones and injury to the main artery of the limb. In the hospital, she received emergency treatment and survived, but because of the massive injuries and the blood transfusion, she got many complications, both expected and unexpected with such injuries. With consultations with the specialized team, there was no option but to amputate her injured gangrenous limb.

Luckily she recovered from all these serious complications, but with an artificial lower limb. Her fiancé’ was pushed by his parents to sever the engagement, but he was honest to her and got his parents to visit me for a discussion about the future of the girl as a wife.

My advice to the parents was that, can they guarantee the young man can always arrive home safely from work every day? If not, then the parents should accept young man’s decision. They left my place with tears in their eyes.
After almost a year I was happily surprised to see the couple with their baby visiting me and offering a cake to me. Emotionally I inquired about what happened to them since they left my place a year ago and what was the occasion for this cake?

I was told that everything in their life went smooth and safe. They visited me to get my agreement to use my daughter’s name for their baby, and according to their tradition they should offer a cake for this. I was more than happy and agreed. And, till today they are living a happy life.

Moral of the Story
Most of the times brain makes us think about the future and jump to wrong conclusion which prevents us from doing the right thing. Discuss your matter with wise people/ friends/relatives and then when you have decided upon the matter, have Trust in God.
When you have taken a decision, put your trust in God over that decision.
Action Item
Do the right thing. Do not care about people’s views. Just do it if you feel it is right.

True story Submitted by Sami El-Bayoumi

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