3 Hilarious Jokes To Make Your Day !

boy-160105_640The Cockroaches
A housewife called up a pet store and said, “Send me twenty-thousand
cockroaches at once.”
“May I know what in the world would you do with twenty-thousand cockroaches, Madam?” asked the surprised pet store Manager.
“Well,” replied the woman, “I am moving today and my lease says I
must leave the premises in exactly the same condition I found them.”

The Football Game
A group of men were playing football, one of them was about to take free kick when he noticed a funeral procession going by on the street.
The man immediately stopped near the ball and closed his eyes and said a short prayer. one of the men truly inspired, remarked, clearing his throat, “wow that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”
“Well”, the other man said, “I was married to her for 25 years.”

The Greeting Card
Sam, a Sales Associate at Tesco, notices a man picking up almost every card in the cards section reading it and then keeping it back on to the shelf unable to decide which one to buy. She walks up to him after an hour to see if she could help him out with a nice card. “Can I help you, Sir?” she asks. “Well I don’t know” the man responds “I’m having a problem, I can’t find anything that my wife would believe!”

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