Disguised Blessings – An Interesting True Story !

Story 6Have you ever wondered why people say, ‘It is a blessing in disguise’? Maybe it’s because it is the norm of blessings to come in disguised form so that the ignorant and visionless will not pick what does not rightfully belong to them.

I have always been good at writing short stories even from my school days and my interest is in motivating pupils to excel. One day, I read a magazine submission request for short stories with a prize being offered for the successful story. I went home and wrote two interesting short stories that I submitted via my email. I waited and waited but heard nothing from that magazine. After two months, I submitted two more stories to no avail and so it became a routine and by the end of that year, I had submitted what I thought were twelve classic short stories.

Then, it happened one day that I picked up a new issue of that magazine and guess what?! It contained my short story just as I had written it without my name. It was plagiarism at its best – not a single word was changed. I became suspicious and I hunted for the past issues of that magazine and discovered six of my short stories were published. On none of them, was I acknowledged, but I was replaced by a funny name.

I first thought of litigation, and then a golden revelation struck me. If they could publish six of my stories, it meant that I was good, a well-established writer. I was going to beat them at their own game. I was going to be a writer and publisher. So, being a teacher, I started a school magazine that is currently selling like hot cakes. I sometimes ask myself what would have happened had these crooks not cheated me.

Moral of the Story
May be it’s the fate of blessings to appear in disguised form so that the ignorant and visionless may not pick what does not belong to them.
Do not spend time crying over things that have already happened. Try to look for solution so that such things do not happen in the future.
And remember there is a “disguised blessing” in every problem you are struck with. One should know how to seek it!
“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”
– Oscar Wilde
Action Item
There are many things that happen in our lives that make us sad in the beginning, but later turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Every situation has a positive and a negative side to it. Always remember to seek for the positive side of things you will have nothing to worry.
– Submitted By Munyaradzi
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    However, one has to have it in oneself to SEE the blessing behind the wrong.