5 Hilarious Dumbo Jokes To Make You Laugh !

Hope you enjoy these short hilarious jokes !


Teacher: What happened in 1809 ?
Dumbo: Abraham Lincoln was born.
Teacher: What happened in 1815 ?
Dumbo: Abraham Lincoln was 6 years old

Dumbo visits his Chinese friend dying in hospital.
Friend says “CHIN YU YAN” and dies.
Dumbo goes to China to find the meaning of his friend’s last words.

Dumbo found the answer to the most difficult question ever
What come first, Chicken or egg ?
Dumbo: It’s so simple, whatever you order first will come first

Dumbo was writing something very slowly.
Friend asks, “Why are you writing so slowly ?”
Dumbo says, “I am writing to my 6 years old son, he can’t read very fast”

Dumbo at an Art Gallery, “I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art ?”
Art Dealer: I beg your pardon sir, that’s a mirror !

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    Such jokes at regular intervals are required, as It just takes away your stress for that particular moment & allows you to regain your energy level & think positive.

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    Superb Jokes !!