LoveBirds Return After 17 years – Shocking True Story !

painting-boygirlwithdaisiesrunningMadhav and Radha had eloped 17 years ago, driven by love. When Radha finally returned to her family after all these years, she came with a different partner. And when Madhav’s family alleged that Radha had played a role in his murder, Madhav came out from the cold to exonerate her. Madhav, Radha and members of their families met on Monday at the Sola police station. The turn of events caused both disbelief and tears to flow at the police station.

According to the Sola police, Madhav and Radha — residents of a society in Gota — fell in love in their early twenties. Because of the caste difference, they were sure that their union was nixed and so decided to elope, in 1997. However, a few days after running away, Madhav started feeling guilty and decided not to marry. He gave Radha some money and asked her to return home and left her.

“An astrologer, whom the couple had contacted in Palitana, was the only source of solace for Radha and he gave her shelter and promised to track Madhav down,” said B V Gohil, the inspector of the Sola police station. “After three years, he managed to find Madhav, who was then working at a roadside stall in Bhavnagar. However, Madhav refused to marry Radha and instead asked her to marry the astrologer since he had helped her all these years. The astrologer and Radha indeed got married.”

Later, Radha’s younger brother went to a wedding in Bhavnagar where he spotted her. A teary reunion notwithstanding, she refused to return home saying that she would not be able to face the family. But despite her apprehensions, she came to Ahmedabad after 17 years. When Madhav’s family got to know about her return sans Madhav, they accused her of killing him. As he had been untraceable for more than 10 years, the family had even procured his death certificate.

Radha’s husband again came to the rescue and found Madhav in Bhavnagar again. To prove Radha’s innocence, Madhav approached the police. Gohil said that the atmosphere at the police station was heavy with as both families were overwhelmed. “It was the happiness that the families felt that made our day as policemen,” he said.

Source: http://m.timesofindia.com/city/ahmedabad/Lovebirds-who-vanished-return-after-17-years-with-different-spouses/articleshow/45682472.cms

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  1. Zameer January 4, 2015 at 9:00 AM #

    The story is Just as stupid as the caste system and their believe in Astrology ! Not sure why would the families cry, is it coz of their disbelief or the acceptance of sheer stupidity ???