Cool Jokes!

1.An old man was walking along the road. A car stopped near him and a got out of it. He asked the old man,
Sir, shall I give you a lift?
The old man replied,
No need I live on the ground floor.

2. Two pupils were fighting outside the examination hall. The teacher came out and said:
T : Why are you fighting?
S : Teacher, he left his answer sheet blank
T : Why should that bother you?
S : I too left my answer sheet blank
T : So what?
S : The teacher will think that we have copied from each other.

3. Fahad : Sameer, which is this crop in the farm?
Sameer: This is cotton from which clothes are made.
Fahad: Then when will shirts and pants grow on it?

4. Teacher : Why are you late?
Student : Because there was a sign which tells School ahead, go slow.

5. A : Why have you kept the newspaper in the fridge?
B : Because it is full of HOT NEWS.

6. Professor : What three words are the most used by college students?
Student : I don’t know.
Professor : Absolutely correct.

7. Conductor : Why are you getting an extra ticket?
Passenger : If I lose one ticket, the other would save me.
Conductor : What would you do if you lose both?
Passenger : I am not a fool. I have my bus pass.
Conductor : ????????

8. Lady : The design of the sari is excellent. But the colour is not good.
Salesman : Dont worry mam. The colour will disappear after the first wash.

9. Teacher : I killed a person, convert this sentence into future tense.
Student : The future tense you will go to jail.

10. Mother : Reena, tell me why does a bear have its body covered with hair?
Daughter : Actually Mom, there is no barber in the forest.

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  1. khaled ismail April 24, 2014 at 7:44 PM #

    very cool.

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    very witty.

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    Very interesting jokes I like them

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    This morning read just one of your jokes, now I think I read everyone!!!
    Im idected!!!! LOL

  7. shajahan April 14, 2010 at 12:59 PM #

    nice,u r kuruttu budhi sammathichirikunnu,keep it safe.don’t go out bcos sunshine vl melt u r wise.

  8. Fawad April 10, 2010 at 11:53 AM #

    Really cool ones. One thing I want to mention that all stuff on this site is very good and not unethical.
    So keep going with this spirit

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    ha ha ha ha ha ha 00000000000000000

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    all your emails r excellent n iformative i like it

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    very cooooooooooooooooool !!!!