Want To Know The Top FFJ Coin Earners?

Dear FFJ Readers, Below is the list of top 10 FFJ Coin Earners. #1 muhammadakbarmy 1,861 coins #2 mohnooh 1,701 coins #3 Saad 1,395 coins #4 Jamil Ahmed 1,081 coins #5 nazmat1 961 coins #6 kvkarunakaran 640 coins #7 Samra 606 coins #8 Jola Animashaun 600 coins #9 abmalik49 396 coins and leoalam 396 coins #10 zero 345 coins You can redeem your coins for an ebook at . We will soon be having many other stuff […]

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Rid Us of These Joddles…!

We know what you must be thinking… What on Earth are these Joddles, Right ? Well, at FFJ, We have combined our two most favourite posts to invent a special kind of challenge. Joddles! Jokes+Riddles = Joddles Dear Readers, ~ Think you can guess the answer to what you’re told? Here are three funny riddles […]

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