Biwi ki baat ko kaisay yaad rakhain? Use this technique and you wont forget anything !!

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This channel has contains Motivational videos by Coach Abdul Mannan.
Who is Coach Abdul Mannan?
He is a Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach.
Coach Abdul Mannan is an expert in getting the best out of the people. Usually in one session of just two hours, his clients see their life is changed 180 degrees in the positive direction. His experience with a variety of clients- from students to businessmen, has made him adept in helping his clients overcoming their challenges of life.
As per his own words, he himself started out with a pessimistic and isolated life style. Then a combination of good friends & books took him to a journey of self-development & motivation which climaxed when he became a Certified NLP Practitioner. From then onwards there was no looking back. With 100s of hours of Coaching experience with multiple clients has led him to a Professional in his field.
He is an Entrepreneur with a mission to continually impact the lives of millions.

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