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Breaking News – US Is Burning Again !

Ferguson shooting: Protests spread across US 60 People Arrested, 150 gunshots fired, Police cars and Businesses burnt down. Demonstrations from New York to Seattle were mostly peaceful, with protesters chanting and waving placards. In and around the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, scene of major riots on Monday, 2,200 National Guard troops were deployed to […]

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The Skill Of Telling Truth

A Wealthy Businessman was a heart patient. Everybody at home was instructed not to give him any alarming news. The Businessman was on his business trip when one of his servants visited him and told, “Sir, I am sorry your cat passed away!” The Businessman asked, “How did my cat die?” Servant said “The cat […]

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Follow Sara on Twitter!

Dear FFJ Reader, Do you know that we already have a profile on Twitter? Yes, it might come as a surprise to you, but we are already on Twitter for more than one year!! Follow us on Twitter to get FFJ news, offers & updates from our site.!! You also get a chance for direct […]

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