Interesting Definitions

NEWS – refers to information from Four directions N, E, W and S.
TIPS – come from ‘To Insure Prompt Service’. In olden days to get Prompt service from servants in an inn, travelers used to drop coins in a Box on which was written ‘To Insure Prompt Service’. This gave rise to the custom of Tips.
MOPED – is the short term for ‘Motorized Pedaling’.
BUS – is the short term for ‘Omnibus’ that means everybody.
FORTNIGHT – comes from ‘Fourteen Nights’ (Two Weeks).
DRAWING ROOM – was actually a ‘withdrawing room’ where people withdrew after Dinner. Later the prefix ‘with’ was dropped.
AG-MARK, – which some products bear, stems from ‘Agricultural Marketing’.
JOURNAL – is a diary that tells about ‘Journey for a day’ during each Day’s business.
QUEUE – comes from ‘Queen’s Quest’. Long back a long row of people as waiting to see the Queen. Someone made the comment Queen’s Quest.
JEEP – is a vehicle with unique Gear system. It was invented during World War II (1939-1945). It was named ‘General Purpose Vehicle (GP)’. GP was changed into JEEP later.

FFJ – Refers to Funnyfunnyjokes.org, previously known as Njoylife.org. That is our website..lol.


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