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Breaking News – US Is Burning Again !

Ferguson shooting: Protests spread across US 60 People Arrested, 150 gunshots fired, Police cars and Businesses burnt down. Demonstrations from New York to Seattle were mostly peaceful, with protesters chanting and waving placards. In and around the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, scene of major riots on Monday, 2,200 National Guard troops were deployed to […]

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The Ultimate Bargain – Funny Joke !

A stingy Indian businessman living in US calls a Dentist to inquire about the cost for tooth extraction. Dentist: $400 Sir. Businessman: $400 ?! That’s too much! Don’t you have anything cheaper? Dentist: That’s the normal charge, Sir. Businessman: What if you don’t use any anesthetic? Dentist: That’s unusual, Sir, but can be done and […]

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