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4 Funny Jokes For You

An airplane carrying politicians crashed into a field When the investigation officers arrived, they saw that the farmer to whom the field belonged had already buried the bodies of the politicians. Officers: Are you sure they were dead ? Farmer: Yes, I am 100% sure, although I heard few of them shout “Please help me […]

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Awesome Creative Teacher – Great Video !

How Did He Do That ??

Ever wondered how to make a boring class Interesting…? Watch one of the most creative ways of teaching and learning. A very beneficial video for Teachers, Students and Parents as well.   NOTE: Read the moral of the Story “The Strange Pump”  – Click Here   (more…)

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Farhan and Rehan Jokes – Very Funny !

Farhan and Rehan were quarrelling when the Master entered the class Master: Why are you both quarrelling? Farhan: We found a 100 Rupee note on the road, and we have decided that the one who tells the biggest lie gets to keep it. Master Angrily: You both are so shameless! When I was your age, […]

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The Story of Impossible – Moral Story!

A Master once asked his students what they wanted to become when they grew up. A variety of responses came from the students. One of them wanted to be “A Doctor”, another wanted to be “An Engineer”, yet another said “A Policeman”,and “A Teacher” and “Business man” and so on. While each of the student was expressing his/her aspiration, the Master noticed […]

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Counting the Apples – Amazing Lesson

A teacher teaching Maths to seven-year-old Laiq asked him, “If I give you one apple and one apple and one apple, how many apples will you have?”Within a few seconds Laiq replied confidently, “Four!” The dismayed teacher was expecting an effortless correct answer (three).  She was disappointed.  “Maybe the child did not listen properly,” she thought.  […]

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The Teacher and CEO Debate – Who Wins?

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued,”What’s a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?” To stress his point he said to another guest; “You’re a teacher, Bonnie. […]

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Teacher & Student

  Teacher: Tum bade hokar kya karoge ? Student: shaadi..!!!!!! Teacher: nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?….. Student: dulha.!!!!!!!!!!! Teacher: oh, i mean bade hokar kya hasil karoge? Student: dulhan Teacher: IDIOT mera matlab bade ho kar mummy papa k liye kya karoge? Student- bahu laaunga Teacher: stupid tumhare papa tumse kya chahte hai? Student: […]

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Strength And Weakness

A 10-year-old boy decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy was doing well, so he couldn’t understand why, after three months of training the master had taught him only one move. “Sensei,”(Teacher […]

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