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Can You Solve These Tricky Riddles ?

Bilal rode into a village on Friday, stayed there for 4 days and left on Friday. How is it possible ? On his way to Mount Everest, Rehan met a man with 8 kids. Each kid had 8 baskets. Each basket contained 8 dogs. Each dog had 8 puppies. Puppies, Dogs, Kids and baskets. How […]

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23 Brilliant Doubts – Unanswered

Try to answer these questions… ……. 23 Brilliant Doubts – Unanswered 1.If all the nations in the world are in debt(am not joking. even US has got debts), where did all the money go? (weird) 2.When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? (to be give a thought) 3.What is the speed […]

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Are You Smart Enough To Solve This?

Try to Answer The below 5 Questions as soon as possible. Don’t take much time -:) Q1.If oranges cost $12 a dozen, how much would it cost for 100 oranges? Q2.There are 2 policewomen with their cars parked along a one-way street looking for traffic violations. They spot a cab driver going in the wrong […]

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