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The Art of Appraisal – Nice Conversation

Big Boss: This year your performance was good, excellent and outstanding. So, your rating is “average”. UMA: What? How come ‘average’? Big Boss: Because…err…uhh…you lack domain knowledge. UMA: But last year you said I am a domain expert and you put me in this project as a domain consultant. Big Boss: Oh is it? Well, […]

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Newly Hired Staff – Hilarious

A big construction company recently hired several cannibals. “You are all part of our team now”, said the HR manager during the welcoming briefing. “You will get all the usual benefits and you can go to the canteen for something to eat, but please don’t eat any of the other employees”. The cannibals promised they would not. Four […]

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20 Universal Office Rules – True & Funny!!

1. Rule 1. – The Boss is always right. 2. Rule 2. – If the Boss is wrong, see rule 1. 3. Those who work get more work. Others get pay, perks, and promotions. 4. Ph.D. stands for “Pull Him Down”. The more intelligent a person, the more hardworking a person, the more committed a […]

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Lazy Workers – Funny Joke

A site foreman had ten very lazy men working for him, so one day he decided to trick them into doing some work for a change. “I’ve got a really easy job today for the laziest one among you,” he announced. “Will the laziest man please put his hand up.” Nine hands went up. “Why […]

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