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3 Hilarious Mulla Nasruddin Jokes For You !

#1 One day Mullah Nasruddin enjoying the rain from his window. He saw a man was running in the rain, Mullah called him and said ”O man why you are running from this blessing, The rain is a blessing of God” the man embarrassed and stopped running and started normal walk. Very second day, Mullah […]

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Nasruddin, The Witty Miser – 3 Funny Jokes

#1 The Loan Request Nasruddin struck up a conversation with a stranger. At one point, he asked, “So how’s business?” “Great,” the Stranger replied. “Then could you lend me 10 pounds?” “No. I don’t know you well enough to lend you money,”. “That’s really strange,” replied Nasruddin, “Where I used to live, people wouldn’t lend […]

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