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Rain in India & Dubai

Joke 1 Difference Between Rain In India And DUBAI In Dubai After Rain, Water Disappears In 5 Mins. . . In India After Rain, The Road Disappears In 5 Mins…!   Joke 2 Indian Software Engineers (more…)

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Mother & Daughter – Jokes

Joke 1 An 8 year old girl is talking to her mother…. Mom: What happened dear? Daughter: Mom do I look like a witch? Mom: No! Daughter: Are my eyes big as toad? Mom: No! Daughter: Is my nose flat? Mom: No baby! Daughter: Am i fat like a bulldog? Mom: You have a fine […]

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Husband & Wife - Fight Joke, plus 1 more

Husband & Wife – Fight Joke, plus 1 more

Joke 1 The Impossible Puzzle A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, “Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figure out how to get started.” Her neighbor asks, “What is it supposed to be when it’s finished?” The little silver haired lady says, “According […]

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Men & Women – Discussion Comparison

Women’s version Jane: Oh! You got a haircut! That’s so cute! Sally: Do you think so? I wasn’t sure when she gave me the mirror. I mean, you don’t think it’s too fluffy looking? Jane: Oh God no! No, it’s perfect. I’d love to get my hair cut like that, but I think my face […]

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10 Funny One-Line Jokes

If your father is a poor man, it is your fate but, if your father-in-law is a poor man, it’s your stupidity. ——————— Practice makes perfect. But nobody’s perfect. so why practice? ——————— If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for? (more…)

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10 Funny WHYs !!

Why, Why, Why we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do people run over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance. Why do they use sterilized needles […]

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Your Eyesight seems to be Poor – Medical Jokes

Strange Problems – Joke 1 Patient: Doctor, I am having some strange problems off-late and I hope  you will be able to diagnose them. Doctor: To begin with, your eyesight seems to be very poor. Patient: How can you say that? You haven’t even examined me yet. Doctor: You failed to see the sign outside. […]

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The Sinking Titanic

The Sinking Titanic The Titanic ship was sinking. Jumbo: How far is the earth  from here? Dumbo: Just half a kilo meter. Jumbo jumped into the sea and asked again: “…In which direction?” Dumbo: Downwards !   The Suicide Attempt Mr.Dumbo was trying to commit suicide on the railway tracks but takes along some food […]

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Husband & Wife – Short Funny Jokes

The Partying Husband After partying with friends, a man came to his home late in the night. His wife was furious and shouted: “Would you like it, if you don’t see me for a few days?” The Husband was amazed and replied ” That’s a fantastic idea” Tuesday passed and he didn’t see her…… Wednesday and […]

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