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Incredible Anagrams old

Note: An Anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase DO NOT MISS THE LAST ONE – IT’S THE BEST DORMITORY:  On rearrangement you get:DIRTY ROOM ASTRONOMER: On rearrangement you get:MOON STARER THE EYES: On rearrangement you get:THEY SEE  THE EARS:  On rearrangement you get: HEAR SET THE COUNTRY […]

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How Well Do You Know Your Surroundings ?

Challenge For You ! Charge your brain and see if you can answer it. Below is a list of 8 things most people see in their daily lives. Rearrange the spelling and answer. 1.kwolaclcl 2.Cbeofoka 3.Gilencafin 4.cemrsenlboei 5.Rlrgsmaorsi 6. Etdbehes 7 hpastawp 8 hulgisnt CLICK HERE to give your answers in the comments section (more…)

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