FAQ on Invite & Win – Competition

Q. How can I join this competition?

A. Its simple. Just Click Here.

Q. How do I get points?

A. Whoever visits the site using your Unique Link will give you points.

Q. How can you Win?

A. Top point earners will Win prizes.

Q.What are the ways of getting points?

A. Inviting people to the site using your Unique Link, through Email,Facebook,Orkut, or any other social media site which can attract visitors.

Q. How can I check my Points?

A. You can check your points on this link : www.funnyfunnyjokes.org/analytics.php

Q. Why can’t I see my email in the list even after joining the competition?

A. There could be two reasons: First of all it takes atleast 5 minutes for your points to appear.
Secondly, someone should click on your link and come to the site. Just joining the program doesn’t necessarily mean you will get points.

Q. What is Unique Link?

A. Once you enter your email on the competition page, will give you a Unique Link. Everyone has his own Unique Link which can be used to invite people.

If you have any other questions please ask using the comments form below.