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A True Funny Story

Having a snack and drinks with friends on a mountaintop in the Dolomites (mountains in Italy), 3 years ago during a skiing vacation I suddenly felt “the urge” and hurried to what looked like the “public toilet”. Upon entering the rustic and ancient structure I noticed that on the right all doors were closed, and […]

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The Successful Love Story

A woman came out of her house and saw three old men wearing white shabby clothes sitting on a bench outside her home. The woman felt sympathy for them, so she said ” It seems you all are hungry, please come inside and have something to eat.”  “Is your husband at home?” they asked. “No”, […]

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Trust In God – True Incident

This is a True incident which happened during my Graduation exams. Just one day before my Engineering exams me & my best friend were studying together at my room. And unfortunately, before sunset the Electricity of our room went off. And this is normal in our country India & usually within an hour it is restored. But this […]

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True Story of an Indian Expatriate!!

As an expatriate I was planning my vacation to India with my family. At the same time one of my friend’s family was coming back from India to renew visa and go back within 2 months. For this short period my friend was searching a family flat. I agreed to let him stay with his […]

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