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How Well Do You Know Your Surroundings ?

Challenge For You ! Charge your brain and see if you can answer it. Below is a list of 8 things most people see in their daily lives. Rearrange the spelling and answer. 1.kwolaclcl 2.Cbeofoka 3.Gilencafin 4.cemrsenlboei 5.Rlrgsmaorsi 6. Etdbehes 7 hpastawp 8 hulgisnt CLICK HERE to give your answers in the comments section (more…)

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Interesting Word Game - Solve Them With Your Family

Interesting Word Game – Solve Them With Your Family

Add an English word to the following Set of Words in such a way that the First Word is Completed and the  Second Word Starts… For Example – Foot———Pen Answer = Ball So, its Football and Ballpen 1. Business———-ship. 2. Roman————pad. 3. Sketch————-stand. 4. Power————–full. 5. Postal————–book. 6. Candle———–house. 7. Double————road. 8. Grave————–stick. 9. Waste————–lord. […]

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3 Tricky Riddles – Solve Them If You Can

Riddle 1: A married couple went into a restaurant. They sat at a table and the waiter came by and asked, “What do you want to drink?” Wife said, “I’ll have H2O.” Husband said, “I’ll have H2O too.” Husband died. Why? Riddle 2: George has thousands of bodies of men women and children buried on his land. […]

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