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20 Famous Replies By Programmers – Very Funny !

I am sure that every IT Professional has funny stories to share while working with programmers and software developers. Programmers are a very creative and gifted bunch, but they are no strangers to frustration when their work doesn’t give expected results. Counting down from 20, let’s take a look at most common replies that the […]

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6 Unforgettable Rhetorical Quotes By Indian Politicians !

Indians will NEVER forget the famous statements made by their politicians. Check out these interesting posters that interpret visually popular public statements made by Indian Politicians   #1 Narendra Modi’s (Present prime Minister of India) poll-time promise of “Achhe Din Aane Waale Hain” – “Good Days Are About To Come” People of India are still […]

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“Straight From Heart” Matrimonial Profiles – Ultimate Humour !!!

Here are a few Partner preference descriptions taken from matrimonial profiles Note: Please recheck your English grammar after reading this i wish for very simple guy. from educated family from UP state she is also know about his religion, and other homework (Homework ??? She’s probably looking for a housekeeper too) ******* i need a […]

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