Mysterious Hole In Saudi Desert, Must See

Mysterious Hole In Saudi Desert  Which Blows Sand In Air


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  1. Abdallah Ouerdane October 29, 2016 at 5:38 PM #

    Yes it is a Mystrious phenomenon, here are what i found in litterature:

    What IS it? Workers baffled after discovering blowhole in desert that sends sand shooting hundreds of feet in the air and refuses to be filled in
    • Video shows workers in Saudi Arabia filling in desert hole with sand
    • But the hole blows, leaving hundreds of feet of sand shooting up in air
    • The blowhole phenomenon leaves the workers utterly baffled

    Workers throw other materials into the hole which then explode, sending a storm of sand hundreds of feet tall flying into the air.After a few seconds of the sandstorm, it dies away, and the digger retreats. Workers then approach the hole and are seemingly baffled by how to solve the problem.
    But as they throw another piece of debris into the hole, it again sends the sand shooting hundreds of feet into the air.
    Ten (10) mysterious holes had been found most of them in Siberia. The KSA hole will be then the eleven one.
    The operation of blowholes is tied to weather. Air temperature and pressure are the elements that interact to drive this phenomenon as the scientist said. The real cause might be a little more terrestrial but no less strange. One of the working theories about the holes is that they’re a kind of reverse sinkhole (The enclosed depressions are complex forms of dolines or sinkholes , which act as centripetal drainage basins). that hasn’t even been scientifically documented yet. In these cases, it’s thought that instead of collapsing in on itself, the holes were initiated by an underground collapse caused by the melting of permafrost. The holes then filled with natural gas, and once the pressure became too great, dirt and debris erupted into the air rather than falling into the underground space

  2. Sharif123 October 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM #

    So many things which beyond our imagination