Two Muslim women save a life of a man who suffered a heart attack!!

Why is the Media not reporting on this?
Two Muslim women save a life of a man who suffered a heart attack on the Plane

During a Thai airways flight from Bangkok to Sydney, a man suffered a heart attack. Flight attendants  made an announcement on the plane’s PA system asking if there were any doctors in the plane who could help.

Immediately, two women came forward, one a neurologist and another, a pediatrician. Wasting no time, they administered CPR and then used a defibrillator to bring the man to a stable condition remaining with him to monitor his condition. If it wasn’t for their swift response, the man may not have survived.

Mase Hourani an Australian man who was heading back to his country recorded footage of the incident almost 30 minutes after the man was brought to a stable condition and posted the video on Facebook:

“Two Muslim women save a life of a man who suffered a heart attack on our flight this morning where is the media to report the good

Posted by Mase Hourani on Thursday, 7 January 2016″

He told IlmFeed that it was an “amazing sight” to see such heroic actions and thought the women were “like two angels”.

The identities of the two women are unknown but what’s for sure is that they are heroes!
By Rafiq ibn Jubair


13 Responses to Two Muslim women save a life of a man who suffered a heart attack!!

  1. Samih Shahin January 25, 2016 at 12:18 PM #

    Dear all, I am referring to the fact that this Nobile act accomplished by those Doctors was ignored by the media, I believe that the media is directed and oriented towards lightening any bad doing from any one who is Muslim, Arabic, or who has been to any Muslim country or who has been in touch with any Muslim; and ignoring any good doing even if it is for the saving of lives; ignoring certain entities massacres and starving of humans, focusing on the others doing even if it is tens of times less (people fighting for their lives, liberty and dignity).
    The solution is to drop the double standards, and call for real and true equality, and brotherhood and non dropping freedom everywhere.

  2. J Shehabi January 24, 2016 at 12:32 AM #

    What Sara is trying to do is to highlight to the world that Muslims are humans and not otherwise.
    Just because an unorthodox group has emerged recently claiming to be muslims and acting otherwise, this is not a justification for not giving due recognition to the two muslim female doctors just because they are Muslims.
    The public media should be more objective and give credit to anybody who does good irrespective of his creed or religion.

  3. Yasmeen January 22, 2016 at 6:28 PM #

    Good Job,,, so they have a full capability, love and did a good job ,, so why in court her testimony is 1/2 of man testimony .. also why we call her Awra ,,shame…
    Also we can call this video 2 good women did that,,, why we mention their religion? if you go to the west ,, also full of mercy and see how much refugee they are taking but muslim countries they don’t take them

    • Husein January 22, 2016 at 9:36 PM #

      Yasmeen, Allah says: Those who struggle for the path of Allah(God), they will be guided accordingly.

      First, you need to struggle for that knowledge (her testimony), and you will get your answer to first question. You will not get it from “funnyfunnyjokes”. Allah’s laws are not funny.

      Secondly, Awra is not shame. Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

      Thirdly. Why mention their religion? Most women with “Hijjab” are accused with terrorism. That is why.

      Fourthly, Muslim countries should take these refugees, but they don’t. The West, which you say are full of mercy created this problem, by starting ISIS, according to Mrs. Clinton. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries support these “Wahhabi” terrorists financially and spiritually.

      Do you get it now. If you struggle in the way of Allah (God), He will show you the right path. Good luck sister.

      • Hussain abdullah alkhuzai January 23, 2016 at 4:32 PM #

        Thank you for your defence on islam and moslem women. But you are feeding honey mixed with poison. What is your proof that the gulf states and saudi arabia are supporting isis? And if your information are correct why are these countris victims of isis criminal and terrorist bombings. What you are saying is exactly what the (Safawi) Iranian system wants u to think. We know that (wahabi) is the opposite of iran safawi; why have we not seen any isis operation against Iran?? Hope you got it.

        • Husein January 25, 2016 at 8:11 PM #

          Thank you for accepting the fact that I was defended Islam and Muslim women.

          However; your comment on mixing honey with poison is not acceptable to any intelligent person. Defending Al Saud does not honor you in any shape or form. They are the tyrants of the Arabian Peninsula and you know it. Why do they call “Hijjaz” with their family name? No other country in the world does that. ISIS follows the same “Wahhabi” dogma, and practice of cutting heads as Al Saud do.

          Deflecting the true enemy of the Muslims (Israel) to what you call (Safawi) is a treason by itself. The real question is why have we not seen any ISIS, or Saudi operations against Israel? The Saudis are only good at attacking the poorest Muslim country of Yemen. Do you get it now?

          Allah says: “The human eyes are not blind, only the hearts in the chest, that are blind”. Open your heart, and you will see the light.

    • Mona January 22, 2016 at 11:16 PM #

      Dear Yasmeen,

      From your name, I can say you are Arabic.
      In Egypt we have our brothers and sisters from Irak, Syria and also Sudan,
      When I asked a Syrian man: why do not yuo go livining in Germany or Canada, he told me that he feels at home here in Egypt.
      By the way, we do not call them refugees, they are at home.

      • Husein January 23, 2016 at 12:48 AM #


        Your argument does not hold water. I will let Yasmeen answer you on her name, if she is Arabic or not. However; that name is mostly used by all Muslims, be it Arab or not. That is a common female name, meaning flower in Arabic.

        If these so called “refugees” are at home in Egypt, why are they going across the sea from Turkey to Europe in the thousands, risking all these lives on the beaches of Europe. They should all be welcomed to Egypt, and other Arab countries. How about rich Gulf countries? These poor families had no choice but to go across the ocean for a better life in Europe.

        Arab countries are only good with empty brotherly slogans.

    • Khan January 25, 2016 at 4:01 AM #

      Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon have taken millions of refugees. The refugees, in their own country, would not have migrated if it was not for the double standard of the West which is well known.

    • Manal January 25, 2016 at 11:37 AM #

      Yasmeen dear, Islamic Shariah is legislated by ALLAH not humans. Therefore it is meeting the needs and organizing all human relationships and activities wherever they are on earth, being fully aware of human nature and being flexible to deal with all life challenges and any new situations that can or might arise in communities and societies at any time and all times. This is its goal. So it is objective not subjective. Therefore guiding humans to lead a peaceful, happy, socially and psychologically balanced life full of achievements………etc. Having said that, you would know the reason of having 2 female witnesses being equal to one male, not because they are less than men but because women as humans who are usually more emotional and more involved in their families’ lives especially if they have children. Therefore, they have a lot…….on their mind and are affected by emotional situations. Being a witness means paying attention to small and specific details of an incident or situation without you formerly knowing that, which you might not be fully aware of because of your burdens and priorities in life, so ALLAH said in the Quran the reason: incase one forgets so the other reminds her.
      By the way Mr. Hussein: Egypt and Jordan have taken a lot of refugees in. Egypt’s population capacity cannot take in all the refugees because of its economic situation right now. These countries are trying to do their best according to their present sitiuation, so at least some arabs are trying to help out. Even the west took in a certain number of refugees specified by each country’s decision. No country can take in all refugees!
      That is why you find some of them risking their lives across the sea to reach Europe, because as a one world entity , all countries had to come together to make secure means of transportation available for these refugees to reach their residence country. This did not happen. We all did not do this for them. So let us not point fingers!

    • Fif January 27, 2016 at 1:19 PM #

      Miss Yasmeen I am not gonna explain the religion for you..if u really want to understand it !! U will when u read clearly ..for me as a Muslim !! Lhamdulila I am more then satisfied abt what Allah Has chosen for me 🙂 To answer ur question abt these two female Muslims.. They r referred as MUSLIMS bcus Media hits ISLAM WHEN SOMEONE BAD DO SOMETHING BADDDD,THEY DESCRIBE HIM AS MUSLIM!!!!THIS IS WHY WHEN WE DO SOMETHING GOOD..AND WE DO THAT ALOOOTTTT BTW..WE SHOULD DEFEND OUR SELFS AND SAY WE’RE MUSLIMS THATS WHAT ISLAM IS ALL ABT!! 🙂 Salam

  4. Jamshaid January 22, 2016 at 12:32 PM #

    Dear All
    Muslims are very loving and honest people. They all followers of last prophet of Allah Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon him), Who is example for whole humanity. Those who do the terrorist activities are not true Muslims. they are trying to disgrace the Muslims.

    • Husein January 25, 2016 at 8:36 PM #


      You are right, Egypt & Jordan have taken some “refugees”. Also, Lebanon & Iraq have taken some too. But, that is not enough. Syria deserves better than that.

      I will point fingers, as long as we have not done enough as Arabs. May Allah protect the Syrian people.