The Bridge Riddle Can You Solve???

There are 4 persons in this riddle, and they get trapped in a deadliest situation where zombies coming to kill you all and you have only 17 minutes to save all by crossing a bridge that can hold only two persons at a time. The 4 persons are 1. An old professor who takes 10 minutes to cross the bridge, 2. A genitor who took 5 minutes to cross the bridge, 3. A lab assistant and he took 2 minutes to cross the bridge and last you the fastest among all took 1 minute to cross the bridge.

How you will save every person of your team. comment your answers in the comment below. And watch the video to know the answer.

One Response to The Bridge Riddle Can You Solve???

  1. Naqhasan December 2, 2015 at 2:52 PM #

    Ask the professor and genitor to wait but start walking on the bridge two minutes after you start walking. Then you and the lab assistant start walking to cross. That will take maximum of twelve minutes for all four to cross.