7 Things Need To Be Care For A Safe Online Experience.(*****)

Now a days Internet has became a magical world which can lead you to a different destination. You can learn, entertain, explore and enjoy several experiences while you are on a journey to surf internet. Like pros and cons of everything, Internet has so many cons as well. These days hacking and bullying is so famous and millions of people suffer all safetyaround the world from such cheat codes. Hackers can easily capture personal and business secrets and consequently demand money and other fulfilments from victims. It is not something which happens only in movies or dramas, these are real life incidents. If you have never ditched by any hacker, it does not guarantee you that you are not going to suffer ever. Several safety measures can help you to avoid attacks of hackers and bullies.

  1. Public WIFI’s Are Risky: Public Wifis are more prone to hacking activities and let bullies exploit public data easily. They have loose cyber security and open up doors for hacking tricks. The safest option for internet users is to get a secure home internet connection with closed entry secured with password keys.
  2. Sharing Personal Information: People should not share their personal information through their social media profiles. Insane public share each and every piece of their personal life information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to online visitors and invite bullies to harm them without any hurdle.
  3. Avoid Geo Tagging Apps: Geo tagging refers to automatic detection of location from where you update your status or upload pictures. Take care of this navigator and don’t let your smart phone know the whole world that from where you are online on your profile. Turn off Geo Tagging application for secure internet surfing.
  4. Put Strict Privacy: Creepers are the byproducts of any social media platforms. You will find people who will try to seek you attention by liking your pictures and leaving comments to distract you. Avoid such unknown creepers, as they may create so many problems in your real and cyber life.
  5. Avoid Online Dating: It is not necessary that everyone you meet through cyber network is creepy or bad, but one must be cautious while making selection. You can find so many good friends and people with same thought process as you have. Anyhow it is suggested that one should avoid meeting or dating people who are only connected through cyber network.
  6. Place Age Limit: Children and minors should not be allowed access to internet. Social media channels and platforms are just unpredictable;parents should not allow kids to make profile on Facebook as it may distract
    their educational activities unless they are mature enough to understand fake and false intentions.
  7. Selfie Adiction: Selfie trend is not as much fun creating activity as public normally think about it, it may distract your attention from reality. There are so many picture editing and photo shop software available online which people can use to attract you. Once you are trapped, you will face several security issues.

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