Crazy Badminton – Amazing

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  1. Hrhaji February 13, 2011 at 11:45 AM #

    In a family consist father, mother and a 5 years old son living with their grand father who was halfly paralyzed.
    Both the man and and his wife were looking after the grand father and they were treting him well.untill the day the man was promoted at his work to a higher position and that was requring him to keep more efforts and to stay back at work due to the load work and his new responsibilities.
    this condition some how made him to be unable to tolerate between his new work and looking after his father. thinking of what to do untill finaly he reached to a decision to take his father to a sea shore and leave him there hoping that the seamen will see him and they will take care of him.
    the next day he bought a big basket and kept his father in it and carried him to take him out. his 5 years old son seeing him doing that, he asked his father that if he can accompany them. after giving permission he followed them untill they reached the place in sea shore (beach). The father off loaded the basket from his shoulder and kept it on the ground and asked his son to leave the area with him.

    as he was tending to leave his 5 year old son asked him that he would like to take the basket back with him to house, the father being suprised asked why? he replied that he will keept the basket untill the day that he (his father) gets old so he can pot him into the same basket and bring him to that place.

    • Sara February 13, 2011 at 1:16 PM #

      Hey Thats a wonderful story!!
      Can I publish it as a Inspirational Story on the Site?

      Admin FFJ