How do You Gain Peace of Mind ? Motivational Story

peaceOne day a pious man and his disciples were on their way to a nearby village. When they reached a small lake, the pious man told “We have been travelling for quite a while I think we should all take some rest.” Then he told one of the disciples to get some water to drink from the lake.

The disciple went to the lake and when he bent over to fetch some water, a wagon passed through the lake due to which the lake water became muddy and was unfit to drink. So the disciple went to the pious man and told him, Sir, the water became muddy when a wagon passed through the lake and is not fit to drink anymore.

The pious man told the disciple to take some rest as well. After few minutes, the pious man told the same disciple to go back to the lake and fetch some water to drink. The disciple went to the lake and his face lit with joy when he saw that the water was absolutely clear. The mud had settled down and the water now was fit to be consumed. So the disciple filled his pot with water and took it to the pious man.

The pious man with a smile on his face looked at the clean water in the pot, then looked up to the disciple and said, “What did you do to make the muddy water clean? You just let it be… You just gave the muddy water a little time to return back to its original nature” Same is the case with the human mind. When the mind is disturbed over an issue we just got to give it some time. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to make any effort to make it calm. All you got to do is just let it be. It is effortless.

Moral of the Story:

Having or regaining peace of mind is an effortless job. When there is peace in you it spreads outside such that people around start feeling that peace and grace. Just like the muddy water if our mind is not settled and calm nobody can benefit from it. If the mind is calm and at peace everyone around us will be benefitted from it just like the clean water which helped the pious man and his disciples quench their thirst.

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    Thank you, it’s Very true, clear mind make the right decision!

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    isnt it bad to drink water from a lake??

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    Very nice solution 🙂 impressive

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    thnx very much for sharing.

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    I love this story, very moral and simple to understand

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    very nice, thnx.

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    Very good point obtained from the story

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    good one…i like it.

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    Nice story.

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    Good lesson

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    good point brought out. I think we all need to sit back for a while and make our minds clear.

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    very much true

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    Simple solution for an apparently difficult problem.