Where Does The Extra Man Come From?

This is an amazing video, wherein just inter-changing the heads of the men, will show an extra  man.

And these changes happen in front of your eyes.

Can you tell where the extra man is coming from??

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2 Responses to Where Does The Extra Man Come From?

  1. Najibullah January 28, 2013 at 3:20 PM #

    Heh……..mathimatically it will surprise you (bec it isn’t possible). BUT here they don’t directly create a new figure however they try to deceive you by thinking that 5+7 = 12 but 7+5 = 13. Here is the thing: I will try to explain it in 5 steps

    1. Pause at 0:32 or 0:33

    2. You see that they move 5 persons from left to the right and on the other hand you also see that they move the heads or bodies (not just heads as they claim) of 7 persons to the left. Systematically the numbers of the displayed figures remain the same in the picture. But but but when they move 7 persons from right to left they don’t complete parts of ALL of those on this side.

    3. Pause at 0:34 and pay attention. Do you see that they don’t replace the head of the First-down-left person????? But they do use the head of this person to replace one on the right side. You got it!

    4. They moved 7 from the right side to the left and one poor guy is already here on left side with part of his head missing (hehe maybe not funny) so 7+1 =8 and they moved 5 from left to replace 5 on the other side so

    5. 8+5 = 13 ?.

    Tricky, Silly but interesting.

  2. shakil January 28, 2013 at 10:34 AM #

    Outer space or rather inner space haha