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15 Beautiful and Wise Arabic Quotes !

#1 People’s minds are three types: Great minds which speak about thoughts Middle minds which speak about events Small minds which speak about people #2 The most praised form of fluency is silence when talk isn’t wise. #3 Take wisdom from the wise – not everyone who rides a horse is a jockey. #4 In […]

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The Ultimate Bargain – Funny Joke !

A stingy Indian businessman living in US calls a Dentist to inquire about the cost for tooth extraction. Dentist: $400 Sir. Businessman: $400 ?! That’s too much! Don’t you have anything cheaper? Dentist: That’s the normal charge, Sir. Businessman: What if you don’t use any anesthetic? Dentist: That’s unusual, Sir, but can be done and […]

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Trickiest Riddles Ever- SOLUTION

Riddle #1 A and W Because the sequence is made of first letter of every word in the question. What Are The Next Two Letters In The Following Series And Why ?  Riddle #2 202 and 122 If you remove all the commas and look at the sequence as two-digit numbers you will see 11 12 […]

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