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How Smart Are You ?

Look at the picture of the Office below Few of the employees are working and few are hiding, but are still visible if you look closely. So all you have to do is count the number of people in this office. !  Click Here To Give Your Answer in The Comments Section (more…)

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How Well Do You Know Your Surroundings ?

Challenge For You ! Charge your brain and see if you can answer it. Below is a list of 8 things most people see in their daily lives. Rearrange the spelling and answer. 1.kwolaclcl 2.Cbeofoka 3.Gilencafin 4.cemrsenlboei 5.Rlrgsmaorsi 6. Etdbehes 7 hpastawp 8 hulgisnt CLICK HERE to give your answers in the comments section (more…)

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Interesting Word Game - Solve Them With Your Family

Interesting Word Game – Solve Them With Your Family

Add an English word to the following Set of Words in such a way that the First Word is Completed and the  Second Word Starts… For Example – Foot———Pen Answer = Ball So, its Football and Ballpen 1. Business———-ship. 2. Roman————pad. 3. Sketch————-stand. 4. Power————–full. 5. Postal————–book. 6. Candle———–house. 7. Double————road. 8. Grave————–stick. 9. Waste————–lord. […]

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3 Tricky Riddles – Solve Them If You Can

Riddle 1: A married couple went into a restaurant. They sat at a table and the waiter came by and asked, “What do you want to drink?” Wife said, “I’ll have H2O.” Husband said, “I’ll have H2O too.” Husband died. Why? Riddle 2: George has thousands of bodies of men women and children buried on his land. […]

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