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Husband & Wife – Beautiful Poems

WIFE: I wrote your name on sand it got washed. I wrote your name in air, it was blown away. Then I wrote your name on my heart & I got Heart Attack. ————————- HUSBAND: When I was hungry, I got a pizza. When I was thirsty,  I got Pepsi. When I was dark,  I got  light. […]

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Computer Poetry – Very Funny

A computer was something on TV From a science fiction show of note A window was something you hated to clean And ram was the cousin of a goat. An application was for employment A program was a TV show A curser used profanity A keyboard was a piano. Compress was something you did to […]

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Words From Husband To Wife

I am enamored by your beauty by the way you’re tanned of color. I just sit awe fully astonished as you cast light into the night. I wonder if obscurity has attached upon my vision because your body is untouched of a blemish. I have trouble possessing time all day is not enough with you. (more…)

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True Poem – Man & Money

Man O Man ! When he is without money, he eats vegetables at home; When he has money, he eats vegetables in a fine restaurant. When he is without money, he rides bicycle to work; When he has money, he rides bicycle to exercise. When he is without money, he walks to eat food; When […]

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20 Mighty Funny Definitions – Enjoy

CIGARETTE: A pinch of tobacco Rolled in paper With fire at one end And a fool at the other! ——————————- MARRIAGE: It’s an agreement Wherein A man loses his bachelor degree And a woman gains her master ——————————- LECTURE: An art of transmitting Information From the notes of the lecturer To the notes of students Without passing through the minds Of either ——————————- CONFERENCE: The confusion of one man Multiplied […]

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Abort, Retry, Ignore

Once upon a midnight dreary, Fingers cramped and vision bleary, System manuals piled high and wasted paper on the floor, Longing for the warmth of bedsheets, Still I sat here doing spreadsheets: Having reached the bottom line, I took a floppy from the drawer. Typing with a steady hand, I then invoked the “save” command […]

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